Sahasra purna chandrodayam

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Sahasra purna chandrodayam is the celebration of a person's 1000th full moon during his or her life as a special occasion. This is a custom in India and Nepal. As the time between similar lunar phases, the synodic month, is on average 29.53 days, this is celebrated 3 full moons before your 81st Birthday. This ritual is also known as Sahasra Chandra Darshan (सहस्र-(पूर्ण)चन्द्र-दर्शन) or Chandra Ratharohan[1][verification needed].

In Sanskrit sahasra means 1000, purna means full, and chandrodyam means dawn of moon.

A similar kind of celebrations for elderly persons are

  • Completion of 60 years - Sashtiaapdapoorthi (or Shashti poorthi)
  • Completion of 77 years, 7 months, 7 days - Bhim Rathaarohan or Bhima Ratha Shanthi
  • Completion of 88 years 8 months, 8 days - Deva Rathaarohan or Deva Ratha Shanthi
  • Completion of 99 years, 9 months, 9 days - Divya Rathaarohan or Divya Ratha Shanthi
  • Completion of 105 years 8 months, 8 days - Mahadivya Rathaarohan or Mahadivya Ratha Shanthi


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