Sahel Region

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Location in Burkina Faso
Location in Burkina Faso
Coordinates: 14°15′N 00°45′W / 14.250°N 0.750°W / 14.250; -0.750Coordinates: 14°15′N 00°45′W / 14.250°N 0.750°W / 14.250; -0.750
Country  Burkina Faso
Capital Dori
 • Total 35,360 km2 (13,650 sq mi)
Population (2006)
 • Total 968,442
 • Density 27/km2 (71/sq mi)
Time zone GMT 0 (UTC+0)

Sahel is one of Burkina Faso's 13 administrative regions. It was created on 2 July 2001 and had a population of 969,881 in 2006. The region's capital is Dori. Four provinces make up the region - Oudalan, Séno, Soum, and Yagha.

The Provinces of Plateau-Central
Province Capital Population
(Census 2006)[1]
Oudalan Province Gorom-Gorom 197,240
Séno Province Dori 264,815
Soum Province Djibo 348,341
Yagha Province Sebba 159,485


The main languages spoken in Sahel Region as of 2006 were Fulfulde, Tamasheq (or "Bella"), and Moore.[2] (French is the official language throughout the country.)