Sahib I Giray

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Sahib I Giray, Sahib Khan Girai (1501–1551) — a khan of the Crimean Khanate in 1532 –1551.

Son of Meñli I Giray. In 1521 his brother, then Khan of Crimea, Mehmed I Giray, took Kazan, and gave it to Sahib. Together their army defeated Vasili III of Russia near Moscow.

In 1532 after the death of Saadet I Giray Sahib inherited the Crimean Khanate. In 1541 he again invaded Muscovy.

Died in 1551.

Sahib's wives were:

  • Fatima Khatun;
  • Khanbike Khatun, sister of Circassian Prince, Mashuk Kanukov.
Preceded by
Khan of Kazan
Succeeded by
Safa Giray
Preceded by
İslâm I Giray
Khan of Crimea
Succeeded by
Devlet I Giray