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Berhane Mariam Sahle Sellassie (Amharic: በርሃነ ማርአም ሳህለ ሰልላስሴ; born 1936) is an Ethiopian author who has written in three languages: Gurage, English, and Amharic. He wrote the first novel in Chaha, a Gurage dialect, which was translated into English by Wolf Leslau for publication[1] with the title Shinega's Village. This was followed by several books in English; The Afersata (1969) is perhaps the best known of these. He has written a major work in Amharic about the war with Italy, 1935 to 1941, and has translated other works.


  • Shinega's Village: Scenes of Ethiopian Life, University of California Press (1964)
  • The Afersata, Heinemann Educational Books, African Writers Series No. 52 (1969), ISBN 0-435-90052-8
  • Warrior King, Heinemann Educational, African Writers Series No. 163 (1974), ISBN 0-435-90163-X - fiction based on the life of Theodore II
  • Firebrands, Longman Drumbeat (1979), ISBN 0-582-64243-4
  • "Wetat Yifredew"(ወጣት ይፍረደው)(1967
  • "Basha Qtaw"(ባሻ ቅጣው)(1984)
  • "shukita"(ሹክታ)(2000)

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