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Sahu (or Sah, or Sahoo, or Shahu) is a surname found in India. People using the surname may belong to various castes or tribes.[1]

The meaning of the term "Sahu" may change from region to region. The term generally means "businessman" or "moneylender".[2] It means "gentle" in the Jhelum region and "patient" among Jats.[1]


In India, the surname is found among Gakhars, Marwadi, Baniya, Janjuas, Jats[1] and other Rajput communities. People of Dhund, Dhanial and Satti tribes also use the surname. In Ludhiana region, it is used by Grewal Jat people. A tribe of Jats, who are an offshoot of the Sial tribe, also use this surname. In the Kabirwala region, it is used by another Jat tribe.[1]

In Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, people with Sahu surname belong to the Marwadi business class and have been categorized in the general category. Sahus of Mahakaushal area (Gondwana) are also known as Malguzar, Seth, and Pethiya.[3]

In Bihar, Jharkhand people with Sahu or Gupta surnames,those are Sudi and Roniaur caste.[4] The Sahu people in Bihar and Jharkhand are mostly doing Business and increasingly getting into Govt. and private Jobs. They are one of most dominating business caste in both states also all-over India. Although they are most affluent and respected in society, they have been classified as OBC (creamy layer) all-over India.

The Sahu people in Maharashtra belong to the Marwari caste. They migrated from Bundelkhand to mainly Vidarbha region to escape some war. They trace their origin to Karmabai who lived in the Jagannath Temple in Puri.[2][5]

In Chhattisgarh, Sahus belong to the Vaishnavite Brahmin caste.

In Odisha, Sahus belong to Kshatriyas, Halua-Brahmins, Telis, Sundhis (Bania) mostly in and around the Ganjam district and belong to Oriya speaking community. Some of these people have migrated to coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh.

There are also people with the surname Sahu belonging to the Gupta caste in Odissa.[6] There are also some people using the surname who belong to the Chasa caste.[7]

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