Saiō Matsuri

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Saiō Matsuri
Scene from 2007 Saiō Matsuri, Meiwa Town, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Observed by Meiwa, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Type Cultural
Significance Celebrates the town's history of once being an Imperial residence
Begins Saturday
Ends Sunday
Date First Saturday in June
2016 date June 4  (2016-06-04)
2017 date June 3  (2017-06-03)
2018 date June 2  (2018-06-02)
2019 date June 1  (2019-06-01)
Frequency annual

The Saiō Matsuri (斎王まつり) is a 2-day festival held on the first weekend of June in the town of Meiwa, Mie Prefecture in Japan. The Saiō Matsuri celebrates the town's history of once being an Imperial residence. The festival re-enacts the march of the Saiō and her entourage to the nearby Ise Shrine. The festival consists of over 100 people dressed in spectacular Heian period costume, marching down a section of the Ise Kada, the old Ise Pilgrimage road, toward the Saiku Historical Museum. 2006 saw the celebration of the 24th annual Saiō Matsuri.