Sai Htee Saing

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In Burmese names, Sai is an honorific, not a surname.
Sai Htee Hseng
Birth name Sai Tin U
Born (1950-09-23)23 September 1950
Origin Langkho , Shan State, Burma
Died 10 March 2008(2008-03-10) (aged 57)
Genres Burmese pop, country
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Instruments Guitar
Years active 1969–2008
Associated acts The Wild Ones

Sai Htee Hseng (Burmese: စိုင်းထီးဆိုင် [sáɪɴ tʰí sʰàɪɴ]; 23 September 1950 – 10 March 2008; born Sai Tin U) was a distinguished Burmese & Tai singer and songwriter of Shan descent, which featured prominently throughout his music career. Throughout his career, he recorded two to three Shan language albums and 30 to 40 Burmese language albums.[1] He was especially known for composing country music. Vital composer of Sai Htee Saing's songs is Sai Kham Leik.[2]

Htee Hseng was born in Langkho , Shan State to Nang Ein and U Nanda. He studied at Mandalay University, where he became one of the founding members of "The Wild Ones", an ethnic Shan band, in 1973. Htee Saing began his music career in 1969, when he aired a Shan language song on the Burma Broadcasting Service.[3] The Wild Ones achieved major success in Burma throughout the 1970s and 1980s, known for composing its own songs in the Burmese language.[1][4] Htee Hseng was also prominent in the Shan literature movement to preserve Shan language education in Burma.[5] He died on 10 March 2008 in Yangon, and is buried at Yayway Cemetery in Yangon.


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