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Sai Wan Estate bird's eye view
Sai Wan Estate front entrance in 2007
Sai Wan Estate by night

Sai Wan Estate (Chinese: 西環邨) is a public housing estate in Kennedy Town, Sai Wan, Hong Kong. Built into a hillside that had to be extensively cut away in 1958 and 1959,[1][2] the estate comprises 640 flats in five linear blocks of 10 to 14 storeys.[3] It is the only public housing estate in Central and Western District developed by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and it is the second oldest existing public housing estate built by the Hong Kong Housing Authority, after Model Housing Estate.[1]

Sai Wan Estate was designed by government architect Stanley Feltham.[4]

Although the age of the estate is quite old, the Housing Authority decided not to redevelop the estate in the short term. Instead, repair works will be carried out in the buildings to sustain the estate for the next 15 years.[5]


Name[6] Type[6] Completion[6]
Centre Terrace Old Slab 1958
East Terrace
North Terrace
South Terrace
West Terrace

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