Said Ali bin Said Omar of Grande Comore

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Sultan Said Ali bin Said Omar of Grande Comore (1897)

Said Ali bin Said Omar (born unknown, died 10. February 1916 in Tamatave), was the Sultan or King of Bambao. He was the last Sultan tibe or paramount king of the island of Ngazidja.

In 1841 the island of Mayotte was made a French colony. The French, the British and the Germans wanted to exercise power and trade on the Commores.

In 1886, the island of Ngazidja or (Grande Comore in French) comprised nine sultanates, but in 1886, the Sultan (paramount ruler and Sultan) of Bambao usurped the other sultanates and signed a treaty with French, granting France rights over the entire island. Ndzuwani (Anjouan), and Mwali sultanate (Mohéli island in French) became French protectorates the same year and a French résident was posted to each of the three islands.

The Order of the Star of the Comoros (French: "Order de l'Étoile des Comores"), also known as the "Order of Said Ali" was instituted to reward foreigners with an appropriate decoration in the European style.

In 1892 Sultan Said Ali bin Said Omar was banished to Réunion. On 9 April 1908, France declared the Comoros a single territory (Mayotte and dependencies) and attached it to the colony of Madagascar.

On 25 July 1912, the protectorate was abolished and Ngazidja, along with the three other islands, was annexed by France and the entire archipelago was constituted as a province of Madagascar. This was ratified on 23 February 1914.

Said Ali bin Said Omar went to court. The French judges awarded him a recompensation for his losses.

Saidi Ali ibn Saidi Omar died 10 February 1916 in Tamatave on Madagaskar. His son, Crownprince Said Houssein joined the French Foreign Legion on 4 August 1916.[1]