Saida International Stadium

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The stadium in its beachside setting – August 2009

Saida International Stadium (Arabic: إستاد صيدا الدولي‎) is a 22,600 capacity multi-purpose stadium in Saida (Sidon, Zidon), Lebanon. The stadium was built on the expanded grounds of the old Saida Municipal Stadium, as one of the venues to host matches during the 2000 AFC Asian Cup that was held in Lebanon. It is currently mostly used for local and international football matches. The stadium also has athletics facilities.


The stadium is located at the main northern entrance of the city. Saida International Stadium, built over the sea, is the closest stadium to the sea in the world.

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Coordinates: 33°35′08″N 35°23′04″E / 33.585599°N 35.384544°E / 33.585599; 35.384544