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The Saigol Group or "Sehgal Group" is a group of companies owned by one of Pakistan's wealthiest families, the Saigols/Sehgals. The family and its companies are based in Lahore, Pakistan.

The Saigols originally hail from Chakwal.[1] The group is managed by three Saigol brothers: Tariq, Nasim and Taufeeq.[2] Also part of the family is sister Naz Saigol, now married to Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha.

Amin Saigol was the founder of the Saigol dynasty, starting a shoe shop in 1890 that eventually developed into the Kohinoor Rubber Works.[3]

In 1948, the Saigols migrated from Calcutta and initiated their business in Faisalabad, the textile city of Pakistan, under the banner of Kohinoor Industries Limited.

Tariq Saigol, the eldest brother, is head of Kohinoor-Maple group, which owns the Kohinoor textile mills and Maple-Leaf Cement.[4] He is known to be openly critical of the Pakistani government's lack of interest in the textile sector. Nasim Saigol heads PEL and Kohinoor industries.[5] Rafiq, the youngest brother, takes care of the group's other business interests. Bashir Saigol was assigned the managing directorship of Kohinoor Textile Mills, Rawalpindi and Conforce Limited. He is survived by son Iqbal Saigol, who heads his own small group. After the division of the family silver, KTM Rawalpindi came to the lot of Tariq Saeed Saigol who is now heading his own Kohinoor group.

There is a village in Pakistan called Saigolabad - 7 km from Chakwal City, named after this influential business family.

The group also have an investment in the United Arab Emirates.

Group division[edit]

In 1973 the Saigol Group divided into four portions:

1. Yousaf Saigol Group: Naseem Saigol, Azam Saigol, and son of Bashir Saigol i.e. Iqbal Saigol, Shakeel Saigol, Zulqurnan Saigol etc.

  • Kohinoor Mills Limited, Faisalabad
  • United Bank Limited, Nationalized
  • Conforce Limited
  • Kohinoor Investment Limited

2. Sayeed Saigol: Rafique Saigol & Shafique Saigol s/o Yousaf Saigol, Tariq Saigol, Taufique Saigol

  • Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited, Rawalpindi
  • Rachina Textile Mills Limited, Gujar Khan
  • Azam Agencies Limited
  • Zimplex Weaving Mills Limited
  • Allied Paper Mills Limited, Hyderabad
  • Mohib Textile Mills Limited, Muzaffargarh
  • Mohib Fabrics Limited, Muzaffargarah

3. Haji Gul Saigol: Farooq Saigol, Umer Saigol, Saleem Saigol

  • Kohinoor Cotton Mills Limited, Liaquatbad
  • Kohinoor Sugar Mills Limited, Liaquatbad
  • Unispin Spinning Mills Limited, Lahore
  • Kohinoor Ginning Factory Multan

4. Bashir Saigol Left Karachi to purchase a steel containers at SITE KARACHI. Bashir, his sons Mr. Iqbal Saigol, Shakeel Saigol and Zulqurnan Pasha are shareholders along with the Yousaf Saigol family.

List of companies under the Saigol Group[edit]

  • Kohinoor Industries Limited, Kohinoor Textile Mills, Faisalabad
  • Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited, Rawalpindi
  • Kohinoor Cotton Mills Limited, Liaquatabad
  • Balochistan Textile Mills Limited, Khutta
  • Unispin Mills Limited, Federozepur Road Lahore
  • Zimpex Weaving Mills, Ferozepur Road Lahore
  • Conforce Construction Co
  • United Bank Limited
  • Saigol investment Limited
  • Ravi Rayon Chemicals Limited, Kala Shah Kaku. Now a days it has become the part of Pakistan confidential department named as Ravi Chemical Complex shortly RCC in 2000.
  • United Chemicals Limited, Kala Shah Kaku
  • Kohinoor Engineering Limited, Kala Shah Kaku
  • Kohinoor Sctaside Limited, Kala Shah Kaku
  • Kohinoor Ghee Mills Limited, Kala Shah Kaku
  • Kohinoor Ginning Factory, Multan
  • Kohinoor Sugar Mills Limited, Liaquatabad
  • Rachna Textile Mills Limited, Gujar Khan (Kohinoor TExtile Mills Ltd)
  • Saigol Brothers Limited
  • Azam Agencies Limited
  • Kohinoor Rice Mills Limited, Lahore
  • Pak Elektron (PEL)
  • Faisalabad Grammar School(FGS)
  • Kohinoor Energy
  • Saigol Computers (Private) Limited
  • Kohinoor Motor Works Limited
  • Azam Textile Mills Limited, Lahore
  • Saritow Textile Mills Limited, Lahore
  • Saitex Spinning Mills Limited, Lahore
  • The Four Seasons Private Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory limited, Iskanderabad
  • Maple Leaf Capital Limited, Lahore
  • Maple Leaf Power Limited, Iskan


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Maple Leaf Cement Factory Limited, Sikanderabad, Mian Wali

Kohinoor (Raiwind) Mills Limited, Rawind Sally Textile Mills Limited Jaudharabad National Contrainer (Pvt) Limited, S.I.T.E Area Karachi

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