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Saigon Broadcasting Television Network
Owned bySBTN Inc.
CountryUnited States, Singapore and Malaysia
Broadcast areaUnited States
Singapore (Coming Soon)
Malaysia (Coming Soon)
DirecTV (USA)Channel 2072
Dish Network (USA)Channel TBA
Available on many cable systemsCheck local listings for channels
FiOS TV (USA)Channel 1765

Saigon Broadcasting Television Network, abbreviated SBTN, is the first 24-hour Vietnamese language channel geared towards the Vietnamese diaspora. The network is targeted at Vietnamese audiences living outside of Vietnam.[1] The channel provides television programs in the field of Vietnamese history, news, culture, economics, talk shows, children's shows, sitcoms, games shows; Production of radio and television programs primarily.[2] The channel strives to serve as a lifeline for the 1st, 1.5 & 2nd generation with extensive news both US and Vietnamese related, as well as covering educational programming and daily entertainment for the whole family, such as talk shows, dramas, Asian movies and documentaries; it also aims to help preserve Vietnamese culture for Vietnamese populations living abroad.[3]

The headquarters are in Garden Grove, California.[4]

SBTN has local affiliates in Boston, Massachusetts (Boston Vietnamese Media),[5] Washington, D.C. (SBTN-DC), Dallas, Texas (SBTN DFW),[6] and Honolulu, Hawaii.[7]

A Canadian version, SBTN Canada,[8] is available in Canada for Vietnamese Canadians, with programming from the United States service, plus content produced in Canada; this service is owned by the Ethnic Channels Group, under license from SBTN.[9]


The network was established in 2001 [10]) in Orange County, California by Truc Ho, founder and CEO of SBTN [11] who is also a well known songwriter/composer, producer and human rights activist in the Vietnamese community. "It was my intention to help the Vietnamese community unite and form one voice to speak out on issues related to the community. Together with a few other dedicated partners we raised the funds to launch the channel more than ten years ago." [12]


The network is headquartered in Garden Grove, California, which is home of the largest Vietnamese population living outside Vietnam. The majority of SBTN’s news, variety and music programming is produced in the Garden Grove facility.[13]

SBTN is distributed by International Media Distribution, a leading provider of in-language and multi-ethnic programming in the United States and launched the network on Time Warner Cable in 2014 [14] SBTN is also available throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia on DirecTV,[15] Comcast,[16] Cox Communications,[17] Verizon Fios,[18] AT&T U-verse,[19] and many other video service providers.


SBTN keeps viewers informed and connected to their culture and community with programs such as:

  • SBTN Morning with Mai Phi Long and Đỗ Dzũng
  • Evening News with Dieu Quyen and Bao Chau / Tin Buổi Chiều: Information from all points of the globe, from Vietnam to local communities
  • SBTN Daily News: Up to the minute news reports.
  • The Victoria To Uyen Show: A mix of Hollywood celebrities, local business leaders, scholars, athletes, politicians, and others in a one-on-one interview setting.
  • Hollywood First Look Features: An entertainment magazine show that highlights the best of what film and television has to offer. [20]
  • A Time to Remember / Một Thời Để Nhớ: A music program featuring Asia Entertainment’s artists.
  • Cooking in the Kitchen with Uyen Thi / Bếp Nhà Ta Nấu: Chef and restaurateur Uyen Thy introduces traditional Vietnamese dishes along with contemporary styles of cooking.
  • Music Request with Orchid Lam Quynh / Nhạc Yêu Cầu: An entertainment show featuring the best and brightest artists of Vietnamese music in America. The show takes on requests from viewers to dedicate songs to each other nationwide.
  • Tuong Thang and Do Phu: Unique weekly discussions of current events from Vietnam to the U.S. as well as global issues from a Vietnamese American perspective.
  • Thuy Phan Show "Phantastic Feast"



  • Truc Ho, Founder, CEO and President
  • Nguyen Do Phu], Vice President and Counsel
  • Nguyen Anh Tuan], CFO


  • Dieu Quyen - SBTN Anchor
  • Bao Chau - SBTN Anchor
  • Victoria To Uyen - SBTN Show Host & Anchor [22] Hollywood First Look Features [23]
  • Tuong Thang - SBTN Host
  • Do Phu - SBTN Host
  • Kiyra Lynn (Correspondent for SBTN / The Victoria To Uyen Show) [24] Hollywood First Look Features [25]



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