Saigon Eclipse

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Saigon Eclipse
Saigon Eclipse FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Othello Khanh
Written by John Board
Othello Khanh
Bernard Leroy-Deval
Starring Dustin Nguyen
Trương Ngọc Ánh (vi)
Marjolaine Bui (fr)
Johnny Trí Nguyễn
Release date
Running time
90 minutes
Country Vietnam
Language English / Vietnamese

Saigon Eclipse (Sài Gòn nhật thực) is a 2007 Vietnamese film directed by Othello Khanh and starring Dustin Nguyen, Trương Ngọc Ánh (vi), Marjolaine Bui (fr), Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Như Quỳnh (actress), Daniel You, Edmund Chen, and Joseph Chen Tseng. It is based on Nguyễn Du's epic poem, The Tale of Kiều.

Plot summary[edit]

The story relates the destiny of a young, beautiful and talented Vietnamese woman who sacrifices herself for her family. The film chronicles the fate of Kieu, a beautiful young girl, who soon after her secret engagement, returns home to find her father is about to be imprisoned on trumped-up charges. Kieu offers herself in payment for her father's debt without fully understanding the ramifications of the decision. Du's poem was written as an allegory for Vietnam, which has often been possessed and abused by others.

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