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Saikia and its alternative forms - Saikiah, Xoikiya, Soikia etc. is a surname from Assam, India.


The word Saikia, (Assamese: শইকীয়া 'Xôykiya') (Ahom language - Ru-Pak) (Assamese pronunciation: [xɔʏkija]) is a derivative of the Assamese word - , meaning 'one hundred - 100'. It was a military title given to the officials of the Ahom monarchy.

Historical Usage[edit]

The Ahom Kingdom of medieval Assam used the Paik system, a form of corvee labour In this system, a Paik (one soldier) was the tiniest unit of the Ahom military system. A Saikia was the commanding officer of 100 such paiks. The appointment of a Saikia was the responsibility of his Phukan (commander of 6000 paiks) or Rajkhowa (governor of a territory who could command 2000 to 3000 paiks). The paiks had the right to reject a Saikia and request another officer of their choice. Appointments were made irrespective of the paik's religion or ethnicity.

Current Usage[edit]

Over the years, the usage of this title has ceased to be a professional or military title. The surname is now common to Hindus in Assam. Among the Hindus, the surname is mostly written by Kalita, Koch, Sutiya , Sonowal Kacharis and Thengal Kacharis.

Famous people with the surname of Saikia[edit]