Saikuraa Ibrahim Naeem

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Saikuraa Ibrahim Naeem (1935–2008) was a Maldivian writer and government officer.[1]

Ibrahim Naeem began serving the government in 1953, when he was 18 years of age.

After many years working in various posts in the government of the Maldives, he served the last seventeen years of his life at the President's Office.[2]

Despite his high status and respect accorded to him, Naeem led a simple life and kept away from un-Maldivian luxury and excessive display of wealth.


Saikuraa Ibrahim Naeem was a writer and a poet. He wrote love stories in his earlier time as writer, the most popular one was Yamanuge Mauzooma. He wrote many song lyrics, and poems.

He also was a good orator using humour and good-quality language, and Maldivians liked the wit in his speech.