Sail Tower

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Sail Tower
בית המפרש
General information
Status Complete
Type Government offices
Location Haifa, Israel
Coordinates 32°48′58.92″N 35°0′9.79″E / 32.8163667°N 35.0027194°E / 32.8163667; 35.0027194Coordinates: 32°48′58.92″N 35°0′9.79″E / 32.8163667°N 35.0027194°E / 32.8163667; 35.0027194
Construction started 1999
Opening 28 February 2002
Design and construction
Architect Amar-Koriel Architects

The Sail Tower (Hebrew: בית המפרש‎‎, Beit HaMifras), officially District Government Center - Building B (Hebrew: קרית הממשלה המחוזית חיפה - בניין ב‎‎) is a skyscraper and government building in Haifa, Israel. It is part of Haifa's District Government Center (responsible for the Haifa District), named after Yitzhak Rabin.

Its construction began in 1999 and was completed on February 28, 2002. It has 29 floors and stands at 137 m (405 ft). As such, it was the tallest skyscraper in Haifa until 2003, surpassed by the IEC Tower. Counting antennas, it is still the tallest building in Haifa. Without the antennas, the sails of the Sail Tower reach 113 m, and its main roof is at 95 m.[1]

The District Government Center in Haifa was planned to combine new and old elements. In contrast with the modern Sail Tower, the promenade leading up to it was designed in an older Middle Eastern style, including mosaic on the floors depicting the history of Haifa. One of the maps depicted dates back to 1773.

Inclusion in Media[edit]

In Social Quantum's mobile app, Megapolis A building called "Zodiac building" appears. The in game building is designed after the Sail building in Haifa.

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