Sailor Izzy Murphy

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Private Izzy Murphy
Sailor Izzy Murphy.jpg
Movie poster
Directed by Henry Lehrman
Produced by Frank Shaw
Screenplay by Edward T. Lowe, Jr.
Story by Henry Lehrman
Edward T. Lowe, Jr.
Starring George Jessel
Audrey Ferris
Warner Oland
John Milijan
Cinematography Frank Kesson
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date
  • October 8, 1927 (1927-10-08) (US)
(limited release)
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Language Silent (English Intertitles)

Sailor Izzy Murphy is a 1927 comedy-drama film released from Warner Bros. Pictures starring George Jessel, Audrey Ferris, Warner Oland and John Milijan. The film was a follow up to a previous film starring George titled Private Izzy Murphy. The premiere was set for October 8, 1927, at Warners' Theater, two days after the premiere of The Jazz Singer, the first talking film (Part-talkie) starring Al Jolson.[1]

Sailor Izzy Murphy was filmed as a silent film, but was also released with a Vitaphone music soundtrack, with music and sound effects recorded on transcription disks which was synchronized with the film, but with no spoken dialogue.


Izzy, a perfume vendor, is urged by Jake, his partner, to sell Monsieur Jules, a millionaire perfume merchant, their special formula, but the merchant is incensed to see his daughter's picture on Izzy's perfume bottles and gives him the bum's rush. Aboard Jules's palatial yacht, he receives from Orchid Joe notes threatening his life. Joe is a lunatic who hates people who destroy flowers, and he plans to kill Jules with the help of a crew of maniacs on the yacht. Izzy gets aboard by announcing himself as "Muscle-Bound Murphy," along with Jake, and they promise to help the millionaire and his daughter, Marie. When Izzy is assigned to kill Jules, he feigns great joy and induces Jake to stand in for the assassination, but they are captured by the crew. Through his cleverness, Izzy outsmarts the maniacs and attracts a rescue party, thus closing the sale and winning the love of Marie.


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Preservation status[edit]

No known film element, including the Vitaphone Sound-on-disc soundtrack, is known to exist, meaning it is currently a lost film.[citation needed]


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