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Saino sound track cover
Directed by Ugyen Chopel
Produced by Triple Jem Movies
Music by Ranjit Gazmer
Release date
  • 1987 (1987)
Country Nepal
Language Nepali

Saino (Nepali: साईनो) is a hit 1987 Nepali film directed by Ugyen Chopel. It starred Danny Denzongpa, Bhuwan K.C., Tripti Nadakar and child actor Raksha. The music of the film was composed by Ranjit Gazmer.[1] Danny Denzongpa wrote the story of the film and Tulsi Ghimire scripted the dialogues. The film's success led to its remake of a Hindi film Bandhu in 1992. A TV serial titled Ajnabee was also made that was based on Saino.


Tripti (Tripti) is married to Akaash (Bhuwan K.C.) and they have a son Binu. Fed up with their life in another country, they move to their own homeland. They live happily there. One day, when Akaash visits the city, he meets a lady named Asha. Slowly, they begin an illegitimate relationship. News comes to Tripti that her husband died in an accident and his dead body is brought home. Tripti carries on with her life with Binu until Danny comes to stay at her house. Danny develops a strong friendship with Binu.

A bad guy name Madan Babu has an evil eye on Tripti. He tries to force Tripti to be his wife but he does not succeed as Danny stops him. This doesn't stop Madan Babu, so he tries to provoke the villagers about their relationship and plans to kick out Tripti from the village. Danny gives the villagers an answer and proves that Madan is a bad guy. The villagers beat up Madan and his goons.

An old lady tells them they might have to face more Madans, so it would be better if they get married with each other or else leave the village. As Danny is about to approach Tripti, the police come and arrest Danny telling Tripti that he is the man who killed her husband. Danny is shocked to know that Tripti is the wife of the man he had killed because he had caught the man and his wife Asha making love with each other. Asha too was killed for betraying him. Danny ask Tripti to forgive him and tells her how his wife betrayed him. After this, he leaves the house. Tripti forgives him and tells him that she and her son Binu will be waiting for him.

The film was shot extensively in Sikkim and a few scenes were shot in Nepal and Mumbai. Saino became a major hit at the box office. The film's music also became very popular.


Track Artists Length
Suna Katha Euta Geet Danny Denzongpa
Naya Naya Sajau Hai Sansara Udit Narayan, Deepa Jha
Aamai Le Bhanthey Dhara Ko Pani Danny Denzongpa, Udit Narayan, Kumar Kancha, Muralidhar
Pheri Aayo Tyo Kalo Raat Asha Bhonsle
Jyaurey Danny Denzongpa, Deepa Jha
Suna Katha Euta Geet (another version) Danny Denzongpa


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