Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant

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Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant
Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant is located in France
Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Saint-Alban Nuclear Power Plant in France
Official name Centrale nucléaire de Saint-Alban
Country France
Location Saint-Alban-du-Rhône
Coordinates 45°24′16″N 4°45′19″E / 45.40444°N 4.75528°E / 45.40444; 4.75528Coordinates: 45°24′16″N 4°45′19″E / 45.40444°N 4.75528°E / 45.40444; 4.75528
Status Operational
Construction began 1979
Commission date March 30, 1985 (March 30, 1985)
Operator(s) EDF
Nuclear power station
Reactor type PWR
Reactor supplier Areva
Cooling source Rhône River
Cooling towers no
Power generation
Units operational 2 x 1300 MW
Make and model Alstom
Nameplate capacity 2,600 MW
Capacity factor 73.8% (2008)
Annual gross output 16,466 GWh (2006) ;
16,800 GWh (2008)

The Saint-Alban nuclear power plant is located on the Rhone river, in the Isere department 50 km downstream from Lyon in the communes of Saint-Alban-du-Rhône and Saint-Maurice-l'Exil.


The power station uses water from the Rhone river to cool its two 1,300 MW reactors and employs 670 people..

Type of reactors[edit]

The following types of reactors are installed:

Reactor units[edit]

Reactor Unit[1] Type Average Output Rated Power Began construction Finish construction Commercial operation Close of reactor
St.Alban-1 PWR 1381 MW 1335 MW Jan 1979 Aug 1985 May 1986
St.Alban-2 PWR 1381 MW 1335 MW July 1979 July 1986 March 1987


Seismological risk[edit]

According to WENRA, EDF has prepared a plan in case of an earthquake,[2] however other ASN documents from 2002 there may be some anomalies regarding the remote control and which may put into question the correct functioning of certain elements following an earthquake.

2003 heatwave[edit]

Following extremely high temperatures in July 2003 average water temperature rose above the limit authorised by the nuclear safety authorities for a period of 4 hours.

Fire risk[edit]

According to the 2007 ASN annual report recommendations were made to the operator to improve the security of the control room.[3]

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