Saint-François River

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Saint-François River (Rivière Saint-François)
A tree on the banks of the
Saint-François River in Drummondville
Country Canada
Province Quebec
Regions Estrie, Chaudière-Appalaches, Centre-du-Québec
 - left Magog River
Cities Sherbrooke, Drummondville
Source Lac Saint-François
 - location Lambton,
, Canada
 - elevation 289 m (948 ft)
 - coordinates 45°53′55″N 71°09′28″W / 45.89861°N 71.15778°W / 45.89861; -71.15778
 - location Pierreville,
, Canada
 - coordinates 46°07′09″N 72°55′28″W / 46.11917°N 72.92444°W / 46.11917; -72.92444Coordinates: 46°07′09″N 72°55′28″W / 46.11917°N 72.92444°W / 46.11917; -72.92444
Length 218 km (135 mi)
Basin 10,230 km2 (3,950 sq mi)
Map of the Saint-François River watershed

The Saint-François River is a river in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The Saint-François takes its source from Lake Saint-François in Chaudière-Appalaches, southeast of Thetford Mines. It flows southwest towards Sherbrooke, where it changes it course northwest towards Drummondville, and finally empties into the Saint Lawrence River near Pierreville.

About 15 kilometres (9 mi) upstream of the centre of Drummondville, a meander in the river forms a shape strongly resembling a profile drawing of a duck's head and neck, with an island marking the eye. The peninsula forming the "beak of the duck" is named accordingly, le Bec du Canard, and the road running along it is Rue du Bec-du-Canard.[1][2][3]