Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church (Quebec City)

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Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church is a church in Quebec City, Quebec located at 410, rue Saint-Jean.


The original church structure was completed in 1847 but was destroyed in the disastrous fire of 1881 which leveled a significant portion of the city. The current church was built in 1884 out of seven types of Italian marble. Designed by architect Joseph-Ferdinand Peachy in the Second Empire style, the church was inspired by the facade of the Église de la Sainte-Trinité in Paris. It features a 240 ft spire, 36 stained-glass windows, and dozens of statues and paintings among other ornate deccorations. The Gagnon brothers were both organists at the church; Ernest Gagnon from 1853-1864 and Gustave Gagnon from 1864-1876.[1] The Archdiocese of Quebec closed this church on Pentecost of 2015.[2]



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Coordinates: 46°48′34″N 71°13′20″W / 46.80944°N 71.22222°W / 46.80944; -71.22222