Saint-Louis Department

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Location in the Saint-Louis Region
Location in the Saint-Louis Region
Country  Senegal
Region Saint-Louis Region
Capital Saint-Louis
 • Total 879 km2 (339 sq mi)
Population (2013 census)
 • Total 296,496
 • Density 340/km2 (870/sq mi)
Time zone GMT (UTC+0)

Saint-Louis Department is one of the 45 departments of Senegal, located in the Saint-Louis Region.

There are two communes in the department; Saint-Louis and Mpal

There is a single arrondissement, Rao, which comprises the rural districts (Communautés rurales) of:

  • Fass Ngom
  • Gandiole
  • Gandon

In 2005, the population was estimated at 227,000.

Historic Sites[1][edit]

Saint-Louis town
Faidherbe Bridge
  • Island of Saint-Louis
  • Faidherbe Bridge
  • Ex-hydrobase and Stele at the statue of Jean Mermoz
  • Fishermen's Cemetery, Langue de Barbarie
  • Church and grotto of Notre-Dame de Lourdes, Sor Quarter, Saint-Louis
  • Remains of the first brickworks of Africa - Bopp-ou-Thior Island (2 km from Saint-Louis)
  • Keur Cluny : Old orphanage of the Soeurs de Saint-Joseph de Cluny, Ndar Toute, Saint-Louis
  • Monument to Old Soldiers - Place Pointe à Pitre, Guet-Ndar
  • Marmyale Catholic cemetery, Sor Quarter, Saint-Louis
  • School of the Sons of the Chief and Spokesmen, Ecole Khayar Mbengue, Sor Quarter
  • Railway Station
  • Ancien Temple Protestant et Asile des esclaves, Pont de Khor Saint-Louis
Arrondissement de Rao
  • Tumuli of Rao (Nguiguéla, Mboy-u-Gar, Menguègne)
  • Tower of Ndialakhar
  • Ruins of the Fort of Laybar, near Saint-Louis
  • The historic site of the Village of Nder
  • Ruins of the Post Ofiice of the bar at Mouit
  • The prehistoric site of the Marigot of Khant


Coordinates: 16°01′56″N 16°37′00″W / 16.03222°N 16.61667°W / 16.03222; -16.61667