Saint-Maurice (Lower Canada)

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Lower Canada electoral district
Defunct pre-Confederation electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada
District created 1792
District abolished 1838
First contested 1792
Last contested 1836

Under the Constitutional Act of 1791, the district of Saint-Maurice was established. Its boundaries, which roughly covered the current Mauricie area except for the city of Trois-Rivières, were reduced when the district of Champlain was created in 1829.[1]

Saint-Maurice was represented simultaneously by two Members at the Legislative Assembly of Lower Canada.

Members for Saint-Maurice (1792-1838)[edit]

  Name Party Election [2]
  Thomas Coffin Tory Party 1792
  Thomas Coffin Tory Party 1796
  Thomas Coffin Tory Party 1800
  David Monro Tory Party 1804
  Thomas Coffin [3] Tory Party 1808
  Louis Gugy Tory Party 1809
  François Caron Parti Canadien 1810
  Joseph-Rémi Vallières de Saint-Réal [4] Parti Canadien 1814
  Louis Gugy [5] Tory Party 1816
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien 1819
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien Spring 1820
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien Summer 1820
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien 1824
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien 1827
  Pierre Bureau Parti Canadien 1830
  Pierre Bureau Parti Patriote 1834
  Alexis Bareil, dit Lajoie Parti Patriote 1836
  Name Party Election
  Augustin Rivard-Dufresne Parti Canadien 1792
  Nicholas Montour Tory Party 1796
  Mathew Bell Tory Party 1800
  Michel Caron Parti Canadien 1804
  Michel Caron Parti Canadien 1808
  Michel Caron Parti Canadien 1809
  Michel Caron Parti Canadien 1810
  Étienne Le Blanc Parti Canadien 1814
  Étienne Mayrand Tory Party 1816
  Louis Picotte Parti Canadien Spring 1820
  Louis Picotte Parti Canadien Summer 1820
  Charles Caron Parti Canadien 1824
  Charles Caron [6] Parti Canadien 1827
  Valère Guillet Parti Canadien 1830
  Valère Guillet Parti Patriote 1834
  François Lesieur Desaulniers Parti Patriote 1836


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  3. ^ Coffin dropped from the 1809 election.
  4. ^ Vallières lost the 1816 election.
  5. ^ Gugy resigned in 1818 to become a Legislative Councillor.
  6. ^ Caron lost the 1830 election.

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