Saint-Maurice (Province of Canada)

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Province of Canada electoral district
Defunct pre-Confederation electoral district
Legislature Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada
District created 1841
District abolished 1867
First contested 1841
Last contested 1863

Under the Union regime (1841-1867), the district of Saint-Maurice was re-established. Its boundaries, which roughly covered the current Mauricie area except for the city of Trois-Rivières, were reduced when the district of Maskinongé was created in 1853.[1]

Saint-Maurice was represented by one Member at the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada.

Members for Saint-Maurice (1841-1867)[edit]

  Name Party Election [2]
  Joseph-Édouard Turcotte [3] Moderate Reformer 1841
  Joseph-Édouard Turcotte [4] Moderate Reformer 1842
  François Lesieur Desaulniers Moderate Reformer 1844
  Louis-Joseph Papineau [5] Radical Reformer 1848
  Joseph-Édouard Turcotte Moderate Reformer 1851
  Louis-Léon Lesieur Desaulniers Parti bleu 1854
  Louis-Léon Lesieur Desaulniers Parti bleu 1858
  Louis-Léon Lesieur Desaulniers [6] Parti bleu 1861
  Charles Gérin-Lajoie Parti rouge 1863


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  3. ^ Turcotte resigned in 1842.
  4. ^ Turcotte lost the 1844 election.
  5. ^ Papineau lost the 1851 election.
  6. ^ Desaulniers lost the 1863 election.

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