Saint-Papoul Cathedral

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Cloister and abbey church of Saint-Papoul

Saint-Papoul Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Papoul de Saint-Papoul) was a Roman Catholic cathedral located in the village of Saint-Papoul in Languedoc. The dedication is to Saint Papulus (French: Papoul), an early Christian bishop and martyr, from whom the settlement also took its name.

It was the seat of the Bishop of Saint-Papoul. This diocese, along with a number of others in the region, was created in 1317 in the aftermath of the suppression of the Albigensians. The Abbey of Saint-Papoul had been founded here in the 8th century, and in 1317 the abbot was elevated to the status of bishop, and the abbey church to that of cathedral.

The diocese and the abbey were suppressed during the French Revolution and the diocese was abolished under the Concordat of 1801, its territory being transferred almost entirely to the Diocese of Carcassonne. The abbey buildings remain and the cathedral / abbey church has become the parish church of the village of Saint-Papoul.


Coordinates: 43°19′49″N 2°2′2″E / 43.33028°N 2.03389°E / 43.33028; 2.03389