Saint-Roch, Quebec City

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Saint-Roch is a neighbourhood in the borough of La Cité in Quebec City, Canada. Once a working-class neighbourhood, it has been redeveloped in recent years.[1]

Saint-Roch was first settled in 1620 by the Recollects, who built a small church dedicated to Saint Roch.[2] Today the Église Saint-Roch is the largest in Quebec City. Later, a few houses were built near what is now the Gare du Palais.[3] In the first half of the 19th century, Saint-Roch was a shipbuilding site. Later, the district saw the development of retail and manufacturing activity. From the mid-19th century to the 1960s, the rue Saint-Joseph was the principal commercial street in Quebec City.[3] In the 1960s, with shoppers attracted to suburban shopping centres, a good part of the street was covered with a roof of concrete and plexiglass in 1974.[4] Demolition of this mall began in the 1990s and was finished in 2007[5] which led to increased commercial activity.[6] Since the year 2000, 380 million dollars have been invested in the district to renovate and reconstruct most of the buildings in rue Saint-Joseph.[3]


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