Saint-Sever Beatus

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The world map from the Saint-Sever Beatus measuring 37 × 57 cm. This was painted c. 1050 as an illustration to Beatus' work at the Abbey of Saint-Sever in Aquitaine, on the order of Gregori de Montaner, Abbot from 1028 to 1072

The Saint-Sever Beatus, also known as the Apocalypse of Saint-Sever (Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, MS lat. 8878), is a Romanesque Illuminated manuscript from the 11th century. It was made at Saint-Sever Abbey, then in the Duchy of Gascony, under the direction of Gregory of Montaner, abbot between 1028 and 1072. The manuscript contains the Commentary on the Apocalypse of Beatus of Liébana, a commentary on Daniel by Saint Jerome and a treatise on the Virgin Mary by Saint Ildefonsus. Parts of its are displayed in the Musée des Jacobins in Saint-Sever.


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