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St ursanne switzerland.JPG
Coat of arms of Saint-Ursanne
Coat of arms
Location of Saint-Ursanne
Saint-Ursanne is located in Switzerland
Saint-Ursanne is located in Canton of Jura
Coordinates: 47°22′N 7°09′E / 47.367°N 7.150°E / 47.367; 7.150Coordinates: 47°22′N 7°09′E / 47.367°N 7.150°E / 47.367; 7.150
 • Total1,146 km2 (442 sq mi)
440 m (1,440 ft)
 • Total870
 • Density0.76/km2 (2.0/sq mi)
Postal code
SFOS number6804
Surrounded bySeleute, Ocourt, Montmelon, Asuel, Montenol, Saint-Brais, Epauvillers
Twin townsLa Motte, Var (France)
SFSO statistics

Saint-Ursanne is an old town and a former municipality of the district of Porrentruy in the canton of Jura, Switzerland which has preserved much of its medieval character. The town contains many historical buildings, including a Romanesque abbey church, a collegiate church, a cloister, many medieval houses, a hermitage and an 18th-century bridge. The river Doubs makes a loop near Saint-Ursanne before flowing into France. Since 2009 Saint-Ursanne has been a part of the new municipality Clos du Doubs.[1]

The town is famous for the medieval festival which it organizes each summer,[2] and for the annual St-Ursanne - Les Rangiers International Hill Climb in August.[3][4]

Its name refers to Saint Ursicinus, a seventh-century monk who built a monastery here.

Notable people[edit]

  • Ursicinus of Saint-Ursanne (7th Cent) an Irish missionary and hermit, his supposed sarcophagus is preserved in St-Ursanne
  • Saint Wandregisel (c. 605–668 AD) a Frankish courtier, monk, and abbot; lived as a hermit in complete solitude at Saint-Ursanne
  • Lionel Régal (1975 – 2010 in Saint-Ursanne) a French hillclimbing racer, died in a crash in Saint-Ursanne
  • Cathérine Hug (born 1976) an art historian and curator, was brought up in Saint-Ursanne
  • Benjamin Conz (born 1991 in Saint-Ursanne) a Swiss professional ice hockey goaltender


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