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Saint Albert or St. Albert (earlier forms Adelbert, Adalbert, Adalbero, Adalbéron) may refer to:


  • Saint Adalbert of Egmond (d. 740), English missionary and possibly abbot – also known as Adelbert of Egmond
  • Saint Albert of Cashel (d. 800), English laborer in Ireland and Bavaria
  • Saint Adalbert (Archbishop of Magdeburg) (d. 981), possibly Alsatian monk, missionary, abbot and Archbishop of Magdeburg – also known as Albert of Magdeburg and Apostle of the Slavs
  • Saint Adalbéron I de Verdun (d. 1005), French monk, Bishop of Verdun and Bishop of Metz; founder of Cluniac monasteries – also known as Adalbero
  • Saint Adalbert of Prague (ca. 956 – ca. 996), Bohemian Bishop of Prague, hermit, missionary and martyr – also known as Albert of Prague
  • Blessed Adalbero of Würzburg (ca. 1010–1090), Austrian Bishop of Würzburg and Count of Lambach-Wels; joint founder of Zwiefalten Abbey
  • Saint Albert of Montecorvino (d. 1127), Norman Bishop of Montecorvino
  • Saint Albert of Chiatina (1135–1202), Italian archpriest – also known as Alberto di Colle
  • Blessed Albert Avogadro (1149–1214), Italian canon lawyer, Bishop of Bobbio, Bishop of Vercelli and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem; author of the Carmelite Rule of St. Albert – also known as Saint Albert of Jerusalem
  • Saint Albert of Louvain (ca. 1166–1192/1191/1202), Brabantine Prince-Bishop of Liège – also known as Albert of Leuven
  • Saint Albert of Genoa (d. 1239), Italian lay brother and hermit – also known as Lambert of Genoa
  • Saint Albertus Magnus (1193/1206–1280), German friar, bishop and Doctor of the Church – also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne
  • Saint Albert of Trapani (ca. 1250–1306), Sicilian priest – also known as Albert of Sicily and Alberto degli Abbati
  • Saint Albert Chmielowski (1845–1916), Polish founder of the Albertine Brothers – also known as Adam Chmielowski, Brat Albert (Brother Albert), Brother of Our Lord, Brother of Our God, and Our God's Brother