Saint Andrew's School (Savannah, Georgia)

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Coordinates: 32°00′41″N 80°58′32″W / 32.0114426°N 80.9755100°W / 32.0114426; -80.9755100

St. Andrew's School
St. Andrew's Savannah Logo.jpeg
601 Penn Waller Road
Savannah, Georgia
United States
Type Private
College preparatory
Established 1978 [1]
Principal Kelly Waldron[2]
Faculty 66
Grades Pre-K - 12th
Color(s) Blue and white [2]
Athletics South Carolina Independent School Association (SCISA)
Mascot Lions (formerly Saints)
Accreditation Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
Southern Association of Independent Schools [2]

St. Andrew's School is a Scottish-heritage independent college preparatory school located on Wilmington Island in Savannah, Georgia, United States. It is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.[2] Established in 1978, it is dually accredited by Southern Association of Independent Schools and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.[2] The school serves students in Pre-K through 12th grade, and has several athletic and fine arts programs.[3][4]


The St. Andrew's School headstone

St. Andrew's began when the Scottish heritage Independent Presbyterian Church of Savannah started a kindergarten for 4- to 5-year-olds in 1947.[1] Over the course of a few decades, more grades were added. The first and only class graduated from the Independent Presbyterian Day School in 1978, and is considered to be St. Andrew's' first alumni, consisting of 10 students.

The school was relocated to Wilmington Island in November 1978 and a new campus was built. It included the Gus H. Bell Hall and the Compton Center. By 1979, the gymnasium was completed and the school's first basketball game was played. By 1986 a third building was opened, named Skinner Hall.[1]

In 2002, the school purchased what is now the Johnson Early Childhood Center on Betz Creek. By 2005, St. Andrew's had turned into what it is now the Lower School Campus of the school. [1] St. Andrew's is now composed of three separate campuses: one for lower school (Pre-K to 4th), another for middle school (5th to 8th), and one for high school (8th to 12th).

In 2011, Mark Toth became the sixth head of St. Andrew's,[5][6] and by 2016, Kelly Waldron, the initial head of the lower school, was promoted to seventh head, after Toth had left the school.



"St. Andrew’s, an independent college preparatory school dedicated to personalized student development, strives to develop engaged, well-rounded individuals by inspiring a passion for knowledge, a commitment to personal integrity and a deepened social consciousness within a supportive educational community."[7]

Fine arts[edit]

The school offers many fine arts courses, including:[4]

Foreign languages[edit]

St. Andrew's offers three foreign language courses: Mandarin, Spanish, and French.[8] It also has a Scottish historical background.


St. Andrew's offers many sports as part of their athletics program.[3]


International Baccalaureate[edit]

St. Andrew's is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, offering IB advanced classes in many fields of study.

Apple device program[edit]

St. Andrew's currently distributes iPads to all students and teachers for use during the school year. It also allows students to check out MacBooks from its upper school library. Recently, it started a program that gave iPad Minis to its lower school and middle school students. Upper schoolers and teachers have also received MacBook Airs.

Because of these programs, St. Andrew's became an Apple Distinguished School in January 2013. Mark Toth said, "It is quite an honor to join a select class of institutions Apple is recognizing nationwide."[9]


St. Andrew's is currently affiliated with the following organizations:[2]


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