Saint Barbara Altarpiece

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Barbara altar
Finnish: Pyhän Barbaran alttarikaappi
Meister Francke - Geißelung der hl. Barbara.jpg
ArtistMaster Francke
Yearc. 1410
MediumTempera on wood
Dimensions200 cm × 260 cm (79 in × 100 in)
LocationNational Museum of Finland, Helsinki
Coordinates60°10′30″N 24°55′55″E / 60.17500°N 24.93194°E / 60.17500; 24.93194

The Saint Barbara Altarpiece is a medieval altarpiece attributed to Master Francke.[1] Its known provenance starts at the medieval church in Kalanti in Southwest Finland where it stood until 1883. According to local oral tradition that was collected in the 19th century, the altarpiece was found floating in the sea outside Kalanti. The altarpiece is now located at the National Museum of Finland.

The altarpiece is best known for the paintings depicting the legend of Saint Barbara on the outside of its inner wings.



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