2007 Saint Barthélemy Territorial Council election

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Elections to the Territorial Council were held in the French overseas collectivity of Saint Barthélemy for the first time on 1 July 2007.[1] Since Bruno Magras, the incumbent mayor of Saint Barthélemy, got an absolute majority in the first round, a second round was not held. If a second round had been necessary, it would have been held on 8 July 2007.


Saint Barth First!UMP2,39972.2416
All United for Saint Barthélemy3309.941
Action Balance and Transparence3309.941
Together for Saint Barthélemy2627.891
Valid votes3,32198.90
Invalid/blank votes371.10
Total votes3,358100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,75970.56
Source: Le Journal


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