Saint Barthélemy status referendum, 1877

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A referendum on integration into France was held in Saint Barthélemy in late October 1877.[1] The island was owned by Sweden at the time, but following the referendum in which only one person voted against the proposal, it was taken over by France the following year.[1]


The island had belonged to France until 1784, when it was transferred to Sweden in return for trade privileges in Gothenburg.[1] However, the island proved expensive for Sweden to maintain.[1] An agreement was made on 10 August 1877 on returning the island to French control,[2] the first article of which included the requirement of a binding referendum.[1]


Choice Votes %
For 350 99.71
Against 1 0.29
Invalid/blank votes
Total 351 100


The results were announced on 31 October 1877.[1] Subsequently the French National Assembly approved the treaty on 22 January 1878.[1] On 16 March 1878 the island became part of the jurisdiction of Guadeloupe.[1]