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Saint Benedict Press
Saint Benedict Press Logo.jpg
Parent company Goodwill Publishers
Founded 2006
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Charlotte, NC
Publication types Books
Nonfiction topics Catholicism
Imprints TAN Books
Official website

Saint Benedict Press, LLC (SBP), a division of Goodwill Publishers, is a publisher founded in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, in 2006.


The Saint Benedict Press Classics line began in 2006, starting with public domain classic Catholic titles as a direct competitor for TAN Books and Publishers. Catechism of the Council of Trent, The Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ four volume set, Come Rack, Come Rope, Dark Night of the Soul, Dialogue of Saint Catherine of Siena, Way of Divine Life and the Rule of Saint Benedict were among the first titles produced. In addition to the public domain titles, SBP published four versions of the New American Bible.

In 2008, TAN Books and Publishers was acquired out of bankruptcy by SBP[1] In July 2009, TAN Books relocated from Rockford, Illinois, to a new facility in Charlotte.

Since the acquisition of TAN Books, Saint Benedict Press has focused a significant portion of its product line on books written by living authors. Critics from different philosophies have given positive responses to the new works. The progressive Catholic publication National Catholic Reporter said the book The Abbess of Andalusia provided insight to Flannery O'Connor's Catholicism.[2] National Review gave positive reviews to both The Essential Belloc[3] (co-edited by the Opus Dei priest C. John McCloskey) and The Mystery of Predestination by apologist John Salza.[4] Inside Catholic discussed the evidence of Purgatory presented in the book Hungry Souls.[5]

Saint Benedict Press became the only Catholic publishers to simultaneously sell the Douay-Rheims, Catholic Revised Standard Version, and New American Bibles in 2010.[6]

Saint Benedict's publication of Bibles other than the Douay-Rheims translation, which for over 350 years reigned as the traditional English Catholic translation, tracks a steady rapprochement by Saint Benedict Press with the modernist Second Vatican Council and its program of continual renovation. Part of this rapprochement involves, in addition to publishing the aforementioned novel Bible translations, Saint Benedict's removal of certain traditionalist titles from its catalog (e.g., Which Bible Should You Read?: A Short Comparison and Commentary on Modern Bible Translations by Thomas A. Nelson).



Since 2009, SBP's acquisitions editor has been Todd Agliloro. Agliloro is a blogger for Inside Catholic[7] (formerly Crisis magazine) and a former editor for the Sophia Institute Press.





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