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Saint Bernard, St. Bernard, St Bernard or San Bernard may refer to:



  • Bernard degli Uberti (d. 1133), Catholic saint, Italian abbot, bishop, papal legate, and cardinal
  • Bernard of Clairvaux (1090–1153), Catholic saint, French abbot, mystic, and reformer of the Cistercian order
  • Bernard of Corleone (1605–1667), Sicilian friar, Franciscan Blessed
  • Bernard of Menthon (c. 1020–1081 or 1086), Catholic saint, Frankish founder of the hostel at Great St Bernard Pass, and namesake of the famous dog breed
  • Bernard of Thiron (1046–1117), Catholic saint, French founder of the Tironensian Order
  • Bernardo Tolomei (1272–1348), Catholic saint, Italian theologian and founder of the Olivetans
  • Bernard of Vienne (778–842), Catholic saint, French bishop of Vienne 810–842.






  • (Col du) Grand Saint-Bernard, French name for Great St Bernard Pass, road pass in south-western Switzerland, to Italy
  • English for San Bernardino Pass, a Swiss Alpine pass connecting Thusis (Graubünden) and Bellinzona (Ticino) in south-eastern Switzerland.

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