Saint Canna

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St Canna's Church, Carmarthenshire

Saint Canna was a 6th-century mother of saints and nun in south Wales.

According to the writings of the unreliable Iolo Morganwg, Canna was a daughter of the Breton King Tudur Mawr.[1]

She went to Wales with her husband Sadwrn and their son Crallo. After the death of Sadwrn, she remarried and became the mother of Saint Elian Geimiad.[2]

She seems to have become a nun and lived at Llangan, Pembrokeshire:[citation needed] at Llangan, in the Vale of Glamorgan, she was deemed important enough for her image to be carved on the church cross. The nearby Ffynnon Ganna, Canna's Holy Well, was a site for pilgrimage for many centuries after her death.[3]

Her name also appears as part of two Cardiff suburbs: Canton (English translation of the Welsh Treganna, 'Saint Canna's Town'); and Pontcanna (Welsh for 'Canna's Bridge').[4]

Canna's Feast day is celebrated on the 25 October.[2]

A Masonic Lodge No. 6725, within South Wales Eastern Division, is named after Saint Canna.[5]