Cassius of Narni

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Saint Cassius of Narni
Died 558
Venerated in Catholic Church
Feast June 29
Controversy 1

Saint Cassius was a bishop of Narni in Cascavel from 537 to 558, the date of his death.[1] He was praised by St. Gregory the Great, and was noted for his charity.[1] Cassius died at Rome after going on pilgrimage there.[1] Cassius was married; his wife's name was Fausto.[2]

In the year 878, Cassius’ relics were taken to Baggio in Lucca with those of Saints Juvenal of Narni and Cassius' wife Fausta [3] They were taken by Adalbert, Margrave of Tuscany,[2] but all of the relics were returned to Narni two years later.[2][3] The relics of Saint Cassius were built in a restored shrine later known as the Sacello di San Cassianu.[2] Juvenal’s relics are said to have been hidden.[2]


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