Castor of Apt

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Castor of Apt
Born 4th century
Nîmes, France
Died ca. 420
Feast 2 September
Patronage Apt, France

Saint Castor of Apt (died ca. 420) was a bishop of Apt, in Gaul.

He was born in Nîmes and may have been the brother of Saint Leontius of Fréjus. Castor was a lawyer and married to a wealthy widow. He lived in Marseilles. His wife, however, allowed him to enter the religious life; she herself entered a nunnery. Castor founded the monastery of Manauque (Monanque) in Provence which followed the monastic rule of John Cassian. He was subsequently made bishop of Apt. [1] He died of natural causes.

Saint John Cassian wrote the De institutis coenobiorum at the request of Castor.

His feast day is September 2. His relics are still preserved in the cathedral of Apt, of which he is one of the patrons.


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