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Saint Catald
Desciption- Statue of St. Cataldo bishop (Taranto) (Taranto).jpg
Statue of Saint Catald at Taranto.
Born 7th century [1]
Died 685
Venerated in Tarento, Ireland
Canonized About 685 (Pre-congregation)
Major shrine Lismore, County Waterford, Taranto
Feast 10 May
Patronage Invoked for protection from plagues, droughts and storms

Saint Catald of Taranto (a.k.a. Cataldus, Cathaluds, Cathaldus, Cat(t)aldo, Cathal), Irish monk, fl. 7th century.[2]


His monastery was in Lismore, County Waterford but his apparent desire for a life of solitude saw him venture off to Jerusalem on a pilgrimage.

On his return home his ship was wrecked off the Italian coast, near the city of Taranto. The people here appear to have encouraged the monk to become their bishop, and he rose to become their archbishop. Some of the miracles claimed in Catald's name include protecting the city against the plague and floods that, apparently, had occurred in neighbouring areas.

Chapel at San Cataldo.

When his coffin was reopened it allegedly contained a golden Celtic cross and a stick carved from Irish oak featuring Celtic design which was to become Catald's emblem. The Italian towns of San Cataldo are believed to have been named in his honour, and his feast day is 10 May.

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