Saint Ceitho

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Ceitho was an abbot and a saint living in West Wales in the 6th Century. According to legend he was one of the five sons born to Cynyr Barbtruc (Welsh: Cynyr Farfdrwch) of Cynwyl Gaeo, and a descendent of the ancient Welsh king Cunedda Wledig. Along with his brothers Gwynno, Gwynoro, Celynin, and Gwyn, he became a saint. The five brothers are said to have founded the village Llanpumsaint.[1]

Ceitho is also the patron Saint of Llangeitho parish, Ceredigion, and is said to have founded an abbey in which he secluded himself to live as a hermit. Near the village can be found Ceitho's Spring, a natural spring which is said to run cold in summer and warm in winter.


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