St. Clair (Pittsburgh)

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St. Clair
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Coordinates: 40°24′32″N 79°58′23″W / 40.409°N 79.973°W / 40.409; -79.973
CountryUnited States
CountyAllegheny County
 • Total0.31 sq mi (0.8 km2)
 • Total209
 • Density670/sq mi (260/km2)

St. Clair is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. The neighborhood was the last remnant of Lower St. Clair Township to be annexed by the City of Pittsburgh in 1920.

Most of the St. Clair neighborhood was composed of St. Clair Village, a 556-unit public housing project owned by the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh and built in the early 1950s.[2]As of 2010, the housing complex was completely demolished with the housing authority retaining the ground for possible future development of townhouses.

There are no stores or other commercial businesses in St. Clair, it is a strictly residential community. There is, however, one church, Lighthouse Cathedral, serving the community as well as various social service agencies at work in St. Clair for the largely poor population.[3] Following the destruction of the St. Clair Village in 2010, the area is currently being redeveloped by the Hilltop Urban Farm, with the goal of transforming the site into the largest urban farm in the United States.

Surrounding neighborhoods and communities[edit]

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