Saint Dog

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Saint Dog
Birth name Steven Thronson
Also known as Saint Vicious
Origin Chisholm, Minnesota
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instruments Vocals
Years active 1994–present
Labels Suburban Noize, UScircleA
Associated acts DGAF, Kottonmouth Kings, Subnoize Souljaz, US Circle A, D-Loc
Website Saint Dog Page

Saint Dog is an American singer. Originally from Chisholm, Minnesota, he was an original member of the Kottonmouth Kings along with D-Loc and Brad Daddy X. He started his career as part of the hip hop group P.T.B. (P-Town Ballers) along with D-Loc and Johnny Richter. Daddy X had joined the group, and Johnny Richter had left for personal reasons. The three remaining members formed the Kottonmouth Kings. He contributed to their first three releases (Stoners Reeking Havoc, Royal Highness, and Hidden Stash) before leaving to pursue a career with his brother, Big Hoss. A small feud between Saint Dog and the Kottonmouth Kings had started after the departure of Saint from the group, but quickly simmered down and soon after disappeared all together. Saint Dog is currently signed to Suburban Noize Records.




  • "Now I Lay Me" (2004, Suburban Noize)
  • "Money Talks" (2004, Suburban Noize)
  • "So Cal Thugsta" (2004, Suburban Noize)
  • "Something for Your Stereo" (2006, Suburban Noize)
  • "Get Gone" (2006, Suburban Noize)
  • "Reaper" (2006, Suburban Noize)

With other artists[edit]

  • 2002 Spun Craz (U S Circle A)
  • 2008 DGAF (DGAF)

Album appearances[edit]

  • 2005 White Boyz on Wax Vol. 1 (Just Cause mixtape)
  • 2010 MFK (Made For Kings) (D-Loc)
  • 2012 Mile High (Kottonmouth Kings)

Music videos[edit]

  • Suburban Life (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • Bump (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • Dog's Life (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • Play On (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • Pimp Twist (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • So High (Kottonmouth Kings)
  • Now I Lay Me
  • Money Talks
  • Subnoize Anthem (Something For Your Stereo) (with Daddy X)
  • Uncle Sam (with Subnoize Souljaz)
  • Knuckle Up (DGAF)
  • Kottonmouth Kings Presents D-Loc - Playa (Feat. Saint Dog)
  • Mr. Cali Man (Feat. Saint Dog & Ceekay Jones)

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