Saint Domitius

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For a list of Romans with the family name Domitius, see Domitia (gens).
For the Persian saint, see Dometius of Persia.
Domitius of Amiens
Died 8th century
Feast January 31

Saint Domitius (Domice) of Amiens (fl. 8th century) is a French saint, venerated especially in the diocese of Amiens.

He is remembered for providing spiritual guidance to Saint Ulphia. Domitius is said to have been a deacon of the church of Amiens who lived on the banks of the Avre River.

One of the statues in the portal of Amiens Cathedral has been identified as Domitius.[1] There is also a painting of Domitius with Saint Ulphia in the cathedral. The painting is attributed to the nineteenth century painter, Jean de Franqueville.


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