Donatus of Evorea

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For other uses, see Donatus.
Saint Donatus
Born Butrint
Venerated in Eastern Orthodox Church[1]
Roman Catholic Church[2]
Major shrine Kassiopi in Corfu, modern Greece
Feast April 30

Saint Donatus of Evorea (Albanian: Shën Donati, Greek: Άγιος Δονάτος)[3] was a Christian saint revered in Albania and Greece.

Donatus was born in Butrint, Chaonia, (modern southern Albania), and lived during the reign of the Emperor Theodosius I. According to the 5th-century Greek historian Sozomen, Saint Donatus was Bishop of Evorea, identifiable with Paramythia in Epirus, Greece. The saint is said to have accomplished several miracles, such as successfully fighting a dragon, purifying well waters, saving the emperors' daughter, and reviving the dead.[3]

Saint Donatus of Butrint died in 387 and his remains were transferred to Kassiopi in Corfu in 602 in order to be saved from barbarian invasions. However this led to a problem of jurisdiction and custody for the holy relics, which was resolved by Pope Gregory I. Donatus's cult was widespread in the Middle Ages.[3]

His feast day is April 30.[3]

Umbriatico Cathedral in Calabria in the south of Italy is dedicated to him: the area was occupied by Epirote troops after the conquest of Nikephoros Phokas the Elder in the 9th century, who brought with them the cults of the saints familiar to them.[4]

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