Saint Dracula 3D

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Saint Dracula 3D
Promotional Poster
Directed by Rupesh Paul
Produced by BizTV Network
Starring Mitch Powell
Patricia Duarte
Daniel Shayler
Suzanne Roche
Bill Hutchens
Michael Christopher
Anna Burkholder
Lawrence Larkin
Music by Sreevalsan J Menon
Cinematography Francois Coppey
Edited by Ajay Devlokha
Release dates
  • 23 November 2012 (2012-11-23)



Saint Dracula 3D is a 2012 film directed by Rupesh Paul.[1] Produced by BizTV Network - the producers of Dam 999, Saint Dracula 3D became the second stereoscopic 3D film to be made on the story of Count Dracula, as Dario Argento had already directed Dracula 3D earlier that year.[2] The film was released inEnglish and Malayalam


The film was shot in Liverpool, Manchester and Wales in the UK. Director Rupesh Paul along with Sohan Roy, the director of the film Dam 999 completed the movie with a cast and crew from the UK. The entire movie was shot on camera 'RED' by Frenchman Francois Coppey, the Director of Photography, while the stereography was done by Julian Crivelli. The movie was released in 2012.

As of March 2013, the film was available as a part of the Freestyle Life Film Exhibition.[3]


  • Mitch Powell - as Dracula[4]
  • Patricia Duarte - as Clara
  • Daniel Shayler - as Benjamin
  • Suzanne Roche - as Sr. Agnes
  • Bill Hutchens - as Fr. Nicholson
  • Michael Christopher - as The Bishop
  • Anna Burkholder - as Hay
  • Lawrence Larkin - as FBI Agent Carlo
  • Nicola Jeanne - as The Mother Superior


  • Written & Directed By - Rupesh Paul
  • Project Designer - Sohan Roy[5]
  • Producer - BizTV Network
  • Co-Producer - Prabhiraj.N
  • Cinematographer - Francois Coppey
  • Editor- Ajay Devloka
  • Stereographer - Julian Crivelli
  • Colorist - Sapan Narula
  • Music - Sreevalsan J Menon[6]
  • Sound Design - Renjith Viswanathan
  • Costume Designer - Nichola Parle
  • Digital Image Technician - Wezley Joao Ferreira
  • Animal Consultancy - Jakk Tennant

Oscar eligibility[edit]

In 2012, the movie was one of 282 feature films eligible for an Oscar Award for Best Picture at the 85th Oscars. Two of the songs as well as the background score of the film were also eligible for the Best Song and Best Original Soundtrack award categories.[7] Saint Dracula 3D was one of two feature films from India to be included in the category, the second one being Akashathinte Niram by Dr Biju.[7]

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