Saint Dunod

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Saint Dunod
Born 6th century
Died 7th century
Venerated in Church in Wales
Canonized Pre-congregation

Saint Dunod (sometimes anglicised as Dinooth) was a late 6th/early 7th century Abbot of Bangor-on-Dee of north-east Wales.

Dunod is best known as being the only Welsh ecclesiastic mentioned by name, in Bede's Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum, as having been at the meeting of the Welsh bishops with Saint Augustine of Canterbury at 'Augustine's Oak' (possibly Aust in Gloucestershire or Cressage in Shropshire) around 603.

He is often identified with Dunod Fawr ap Pabo Post Prydain, a Brythonic King ruling somewhere in the North of Britain and father of Saint Deiniol, the first Bishop of Bangor. However, this is chronologically unlikely.

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