Epipodius and Alexander

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Saints Epipodius and Alexander
Born Epipodius, Lyon
Alexander, Greece
Died 178
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Major shrine Lyon Cathedral
Feast 22 April
Patronage Epipodius is the patron saint of bachelors, victims of betrayal, and victims of torture.

Epipodius (French: Épipode) and his companion Alexander (died 178 AD) are venerated as Christian saints. Their feast day is 22 April. Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be a native of Phrygia, and a physician by profession.[1] They were both martyred during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

Epipodius and Alexander are said to have been close friends since childhood. Epipodius is said to have been a confirmed celibate bachelor, who devoted his time to Christian works and was betrayed to imperial authorities by a servant. Both men were subsequently imprisoned, tortured, and condemned to be devoured by wild beasts in the amphitheatre, and died (as one history writes) "neither uttering a groan nor a syllable, but conversing in [their] heart with God."[2]


In the 6th century, their relics were placed together with those of St. Irenaeus under the altar of Lyon Cathedral. Miracles were reported at this tomb.

Epipodius is venerated as the patron saint of bachelors, victims of betrayal, and victims of torture.

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