Saint Eubulus

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Saint Eubulus
Born ?
Died March 7, 308, Palestine
Feast March 7

Saint Eubulus was martyred March 7, 308 at Caesarea Palestina.


Eubulus had traveled with Saint Adrian of Batanea to visit and minister to the Christian congregation there—according to Christian legend.[1] Upon arrival at the gates they were asked their purpose and told the truth, for which they were immediately imprisoned by the guards, under the orders of Governor Firmilian.[2]

On March 5 Saint Adrian was offered to a lion, who only mauled him, after which Adrian was killed with a sword. Two days later the judge who condemned Eubulus to the same fate offered him the opportunity to go free if he sacrificed to an idol. Eubulus refused, and was martyred, meeting the same fate.[2]

They would be the last of many martyrs killed during the 12 years of persecutions in Caesarea.[1]

Other mentions[edit]

Another Greek Christian Eubulus receives passing mention in the Second Epistle to Timothy, one of the three "pastoral epistles" traditionally attributed to Paul of Tarsus. Other notable Greeks bearing the same name are noted at Eubulus.