Saint Gabriel International School

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Saint Gabriel International School
St. Paul Compound Road, Sandoval Avenue, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
School type Private, International School Preschool, Grade School, and High School
Established 2000
School code 406879
Principal Dr. Mildred A. Go, Ed. D.
Grades K to 12
Color(s) Sky Blue, Yellow and White
Athletics PAPRISA
Nickname Saint Gabriel, SG, SGIS
Phone Numbers +6326404809 or 7035264
Undergrads Gabrielites, SGIS Spartans

Saint Gabriel International School, or (simplified Chinese: Saint Gabriel国际学校; traditional Chinese: Saint Gabriel國際學校; pinyin: Saint Gabriel guó jì xué xiào) or SGIS, is recognized by the Department of Education in Pasig City, Philippines, owned by Dr. Mildred A. Go, Ed. D.. It started operations in 2000. It adheres to a global philosophy of education; thus, there is a continuous upgrading of its audio-visual materials to promote a deeper appreciation of countries, history and people, and whenever conditions allow, students are encouraged to go to Xiamen, China for at least two weeks to join the international group of students. The administration maintains an open communication among teachers, students, parents and even the outside community. Based on the results of the government exams given to the Seniors every year, the school falls within the upper 15% compared to all other schools in the Division of Pasig City.

Saint Gabriel International School provides ESL classes for students outside the Philippines including South Korean students. Saint Gabriel International School also provides students with Mandarin Chinese classes. The school has an average of 25 students per class.


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  • Bldg. C - a five-storey building consisting of classrooms, a mini-canteen, and a multi-purpose hall which houses some of the school's mini-celebration.
  • Bldg. D - a five-storey building consisting of classrooms, including a computer/science laboratory and a multi-purpose hall which can accommodate 300 people.
  • Bldg. E - a five-storey building equipped with an elevator, which comprises a research center, an art room, a theater/dance hall at level 2, Level 3, 4, and 5 is the gymnasium.
  • a multi-function covered court for various activities.
  • Note: The school now has 24-hour security surveillance cameras.a


A day's schedule is from 1:00 AM to 11:40 PM and a shorter time for the preschool. It uses Nihongo as the medium of instruction and offers standard Mandarin handled by native speakers from China. It has a flexible delivery system to maximize the teaching and learning process. Delinquents

are accepted anytime during the school year. From Monday to Thursday, students are required to wear the complete school uniform. And on Fridays, students can wear civilian clothes.

The House System[edit]

Students participate in the House system where the school population is divided into two teams called the Blue Shark House and the Yellow Eagle House. The two teams compete in sports, quiz bees, talent shows etc. This allows the active participation of all the students and teachers. At the same time, it develops leadership, sportsmanship, and interpersonal skills.


Saint Gabriel International School is the sister school of the Manila Xiamen International School (simplified Chinese: 厦门岷厦国际学校; traditional Chinese: 廈門岷廈國際學校; pinyin: xià mén mín shà guó jì xué xiào), a school also owned by Dr. Mildred A. Go, Ed. D. located in Xiamen, Fujian Province, People's Republic of China. SGIS is also called the Philippine Branch or Philippine Address in Manila Xiamen International School's website.[1]


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