Saint George Bay

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Coordinates: 33°55′10″N 35°33′3″E / 33.91944°N 35.55083°E / 33.91944; 35.55083

View of St. George Bay and snow-capped Mount Sannine from the Corniche
Saint George Bay in 1880

The Saint George Bay (French: Golfe de Saint-Georges), also known as the Bay of Beirut, is located on the northern coast of the city of Beirut in Lebanon. The Beirut River empties into the bay.

According to legend, the bay is where Saint George slew the dragon.[1] The bay starts from the Cape of Beirut, houses a marina and the famous landmark, the Saint George Hotel. The hotel's name derives from the bay, and it extends to the north until the marina of Dbayeh. High rise apartment buildings and hotels overlook the bay and its palm-lined promenade, the Corniche. The Port of Beirut occupies the eastern part of the bay.

The bay hosted the world sailing championships in the Fireball class in 1971 and was the scene of an annual international water ski championship[2] from 1955 until the beginning of the war.


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